Späti e.V. at a glance

Who we are:

Berliner Späti e.V. has been the sole advocacy group for owners and operators of late night sales outlets in the capital Berlin since 2016. We advocate the concerns of the Spätis in politics, associations and the public. There are just over 1,000 Spätis in Berlin. Almost all of them are run by families – and in almost all of them the family lives from this business. Some Späti owners know and help each other. But with many problems and topics you need a strong and loud voice in order to be heard. When in 2016 the Sunday opening of Spätis, which had been tolerated until then, was more and more controlled and sanctioned and almost all Spätis had to close on Sundays, the time had come: Some owners – mainly from Berlin-Neukölln – merged to form Berliner Späti e.V. well over 100 members from all districts of Berlin. And we want to grow. Because the more we are, the louder our voice is.

What advantages do you have as a member?

Advice and support with daily challenges: Legal advice, IHK advice, advice on cash register systems, etc. Discounts when shopping in our partner companies. You are part of a strong network: exchange of experiences, network and contacts, placement of job offers and classified ads.

How can you become a member?

To become a member, all you need to do is fill out a membership form that you can find online on the Berliner Späti e.V. website: https://www.spaeti-ev.de/mitglied-werden/ Then send the form by email to info@spaeti-ev.de. After the examination by the board of directors, they will contact you and confirm your membership.